Thursday, 26 February 2015

Newyddion da  fydd yn galluogi Fish Legal a chyrff pysgota,ymysg eraill,gael y gwir am lygredd yn ein afonydd.
Good news that will allow fish legal and angling bodies gain access to the true situation when pollution incidents are suspected.

The environmental and angling organisation, Fish Legal, has won a major victory in a groundbreaking case against Yorkshire Water Services Ltd and United Utilities Plc, which was the culmination of a six year legal campaign for greater transparency within the water and sewerage industry.
The Upper Tribunal has ruled that water companies in England & Wales are ‘public authorities’ for the purposes of the Environmental Information Regulations (2004) and so are under a legal duty to disclose environmental information they hold to the public.
The implications of this test case, which has been fought over the past 6 years, will be felt industry-wide. It could also affect companies operating in other privatised industries which have a similar role managing resources and services of public interest, such as the oil, gas, electricity providers and the Royal Mail.
Fish Legal often wants to know about sewage pollution and over-abstraction that damages rivers and coastal waters to help it fight legal cases on behalf of its member clubs and fishery owners. This judgment means it now has a right to get this information directly from the water companies themselves. In the past, several companies refused to provide any information when asked, whilst others expressly refused to disclose information in line with this law. The Judges in this case ruled they were wrong to do so.

This new right will benefit other environmental and campaigning groups affected by sewage pollution such as Surfers Against Sewage, or those with a wider environment remit, such as WWF, RSPB and river trusts. Any concerned individual or organisation now has a right to the environmental information held by the water and sewerage companies.
The water and sewerage industry causes significant damage to the environment every year. This is partly due to the very nature of what it does in treating sewage and abstracting water, but in many cases is due to mismanagement and underreporting of incidents. The industry will now have to open up what it does to much greater public scrutiny.
William Rundle, Head Solicitor at Fish Legal, said:
“We are delighted with this result, which has at long last asserted the rights of our angling members, and the wider public, to get information from these companies when they cause pollution or other damage. Being able to obtain environmental information directly about activities that affect the environment will make it much easier to deal with complex issues affecting fisheries. We sincerely hope that with the industry’s greater accountability will come higher environmental performance.”
Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal said:
“This is a huge victory for the environment and for fish and fishing. Our legal team at Fish Legal has done a brilliant job fighting this case over the past 6 years, taking on some of the largest companies in the country and winning. This has only been possible because of the support of members of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal, whose subscriptions enable us to fight these battles for the benefit of all anglers and the water environment. Once again, we have demonstrated that when anglers unite, we can be a very powerful force for good.”

Monday, 23 February 2015

23. 02. 2015

Llyn Padarn

Cyhoeddwyd canlyniad ail archwiliad Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru i lygredd Padarn, am yr eilwaith. Mae'r corf yn dweud er fod Dwr Cymry/Welsh Water wedi llygru dyfroedd y llyn ond nid yw hynny wedi cael unrhyw effaith ar broblemau'r torgoch. Hefyd maen't yn dweud am yr ail dro fod gorsaf Bwer Dinorwig sydd wedi amddifadu'r torgoch o Lyn Paris a'i afonydd claddu - nid yw hyn chwaith  yn cael effaith negyddol.  Er fod hyn yn hollol glir i pawb.

Mae Fish Legal eto yn edrych ar ddychwelyd i'r llysoedd i geisio cael corf amgylcheddol Cymru ddod i'r penderfyniadau cywir.

Gresyn meddwl fod corf fel hyn yn gallu trin ein amgylchedd mor ysgafn, wrth feddwl na ei meisteri iw LLywodreth Cymru yng Nghaerdydd - amser i rhain daflu i ffwrdd y lleni sy'n gorchuddio be sy'n amlwg. 


Natural Resources Wales have released the result of their second investigation into the Padarn pollution. They state that Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water were responsible for polluting the lake's water but this did not have a negative effect on the charr population. They also say and for the second time that the Dinorwig Power Station which cut off the whole of Lake Peris and a majority of the charr's spawning rivers, this again does not have any effect on their well being. Although of course we all know different.

Fish Legal are now looking to return to the courts in an attempt to for NRW to re-consider their flawed decisions for the second time.

It's a sorry state when a public body such as NRW which is responsible for our environment treat's their responsibilities so lightly. This when their masters are the Government of Wales, it's about time that they throw off their blinkered view is what's obvious to all.

Huw P. Hughes.